The newly appointed SWIT coordinator vows to increase awareness about taxation


The new SWIT Coordinator for the Lagos Chapter, Sandra Chinedu-Momah, has expressed her commitment to elevate tax awareness within both marketplaces and among women, with the aim of improving tax compliance in the country.

During her inauguration as the fifth SWIT Coordinator for the Lagos Chapter, she articulated this pledge in her acceptance speech.

The event drew a significant attendance of tax professionals and prominent figures from the financial sector in Lagos.

In her address, she outlined her initiatives, which encompass:

1. Promoting continuous learning and professional development through seminars, workshops, and networking events.
2. Launching a taxpayer outreach program to enhance tax awareness within market communities and educate taxpayers about their civic rights and responsibilities.
3. Collaborating with other professional organizations across Lagos to organize a symposium addressing critical issues affecting their members.
4. Publishing a comprehensive compendium titled “Nigerian Women in Tax and Their Achievements,” celebrating the remarkable contributions of women in the field of taxation.

Mr. Samuel Agbeluyi, representing the President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, emphasized that leadership entails responsibility and encouraged Sandra Chinedu-Momah to make her mark despite the accomplishments of her predecessors.

He emphasized the importance of adding value to their work, society, and the institute.

Dr. Ola Brown, the keynote speaker at the event, stressed the significance of increasing the participation of women in politics and their representation in leadership roles, including becoming CEOs of organizations.

Jennifer Gbalajobi, the Chairman of the Investiture Committee and Vice State Coordinator of the Lagos Chapter, commended Chinedu-Momah as an accomplished and distinguished woman. In her valedictory speech, the outgoing Coordinator, Mrs. Cecilia Odibo, expressed her gratitude to all stakeholders for their support.



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