The reason I ran out of the house – Ijoba Lande


Comedian Ganiyu Kehinde, known as ljoba Lande, who went missing on Sunday 26, march, has broken silence on his whereabouts.

Speaking in an Instagram live on Thursday, he said he was not kidnapped but left his home intentionally, and he went ahead to explain why did so.

Recall the comedian’s wife in a video posted on the actor’s Instagram page on Tuesday, 28 March, said that her husband left home without his phone, and she was confused and didn’t know what to do.

The comedian said, “I was under spiritual attack, I left home myself because all the prophecies I heard about me were all coming to past.”

He furthered elaborate on the prophecy, where he said some prophet told him he will go broke, get into debt, sell his car and walk all the places he once drives to.

He also clear the air on the rumor going round about his family, that he was unaware about his wife having 3 children before they got married.

“I have a child of my own before marrying her, she had two of her own, which I know of, and we also have one together, all making 4 children.

So the rumor about me taking responsibility on 5 children is false, even the four children don’t stay with us, they stay with their grandma, they often visit though,” he explained.

The comedian also explained that he doesn’t message people to beg for money as rumored, said the only person he sent a message to was his colleague, Mr Sabinus who invited him for a job once and offered him money, but he refused it.

“I sent him a message because I felt he would understand my situation, but unfortunately he read the message but don’t reply. It was even another colleague that convinced me to send him a message in the first place, I never intended to do so,” he said.

He went on to appreciate his fans and colleagues for their efforts while he was away, adding that depression was real.

He said, “I appreciate everyone. They said almost everyone posted. I want to tell everyone that depression is real and I want to tell the whole world that nobody kidnapped me. I did it intentionally but thank God I am back”.


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