Three best way to detect fake/true love- Actress Aiyeola


Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola has highlighted three rules to aid in the detection of true/false love.

According to the film star, she always got disappointed at some point in her life when she looked to others for acceptance and love.

Particularly hammering on first and third rules, Aiyeola explained if all three are adhered to, people are sure of being ahead of any individual who comes along with โ€˜falsehoodโ€™ disguised as love.

She also encouraged people not to never to give up on finding genuine love, arguing though it may seem farfetched but still very much achievable.

The actressโ€™s wrote: โ€œThere was a time in my life I was running kitikata searching for acceptance and pure love from people and every time it felt like I found it, BOOMMMMMM.

1st rule: love urself so much that when human proclaim love u can read in btw the lines.

โ€œ2nd rule: understand that itโ€™s the end time and love is cold, garnished with lies and evil. Got absolutely nothing to do with age, status, class, profession or religion.

โ€œ3rd rule: Ur instinct is there for a reason. Be calm to listen and follow its lead.

โ€œNB Genuine love though scarce is still out dere never give up.โ€



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