Top 5 African countries with best healthcare systems 2024


Enhancing healthcare systems significantly boosts both life quality and expectancy.

By facilitating timely detection and treatment of health issues, access to healthcare services safeguards individuals while improving community resilience and curbing disease transmission.


While Africa has faced challenges in its healthcare sector, varying levels of healthcare provision exist across its nations.


In this piece, we shall examine African countries that excel in delivering quality healthcare services.



This compilation draws from Numbeo, a research organization specialising in quality-of-life data, specifically through Healthcare Index.


This index gauges overall healthcare systems quality, encompassing factors such as staff proficiency, equipment availability, and satisfaction rates across seven components. Calculations are conducted using Java programming language.



Healthcare system index: 48.6

Nigeria stands in fifth place with a healthcare system index of 48.6. Below are the satisfaction rates of residents against key components of the healthcare system.




Healthcare system index: 54.42

Algeria’s healthcare system index stands at 54.42, reflecting the satisfaction levels across major aspects of healthcare services among its residents.




Healthcare system index: 57.41

Tunisia, with a healthcare system index of 57.41, holds the third position. Here’s how residents rated the country’s healthcare system.




Healthcare system index: 61.07

In second place, Kenya boasts a healthcare system index of 61.07. Residents in Kenya have evaluated various aspects of its healthcare system based on satisfaction rates.



South Africa

Healthcare system index: 64.02

South Africa ranks as the country with the best healthcare system in Africa based on this index.


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