University of Lagos Reduces Tuition Costs Following a Meeting Between the Vice-Chancellor and NANS


The University of Lagos administration, following a meeting with representatives from the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) on Thursday, has officially announced a reduction in its fees.

The university convened with NANS executives and faculty members on Thursday evening.

In a statement released, it was stated that the University of Lagos, under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, engaged in discussions with NANS President Comrade Usman Umar Barambu and high-ranking officers of the association, along with leaders from nine university faculties and the College of Medicine.

During this meeting, Barambu conveyed the demands of the students, which encompassed the reversal of mandatory fees, hostel fee adjustments, and the reinstatement of the Students’ Union Government at UNILAG.

Vice-Chancellor Ogunsola emphasized the university’s commitment to providing quality education to all students, regardless of their social, ethnic, or religious background.

Following a thorough evaluation of the issues raised by both students and university management, the following agreements were reached during the meeting:

1. Utility Charges for all students were reduced from N20,000:00 to N15,000:00.
2. Obligatory fees for new undergraduate students were adjusted from N126,325:00 to N116,325:00 for courses without Lab/Studio and from N176,325:00 to N166,325:00 for courses with Lab/Studio.
3. Obligatory fees for returning undergraduate students were modified from N100,750:00 to N80,750:00 for courses without Lab/Studio, from N140,250:00 to N120,250:00 for courses with Lab/Studio, and from N190,250:00 to N170,250:00 for Medical/Pharmacy students and those in Health Professions.
4. The Convocation Fee for all final year students was reduced from N30,000:00 to N27,000:00.
5. Hostel fees were revised as follows: N43,000:00 for undergraduate hostels in Akoka and Yaba campuses, down from N90,000:00; N65,000:00 for hostels in Idi-Araba campus, reduced from N120,000:00; and N135,000:00 for Sodeinde Hall, down from N250,000:00.

It’s worth noting that prior to this announcement, some University of Lagos students expressed their discontent with the initial tuition fee hikes by staging protests in the streets.

The university administration had previously cited economic conditions as the basis for the fee adjustments, which were announced in July.


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