“We are a toxic generation that doesn’t know how to build healthy relationships,” BBNaija’s khloe said.


Naija’s big brother’s former roommate Khloe Abri jotted down her thoughts on the current state of unhealthy relationships in this generation.

The reality TV star took to Snapchat to complain about toxic relationships for young people and their impact on society at large.

According to Khloe, this generation of people exploits the source of all their cruelty, hiding behind the cheap phrase “I don’t owe anyone anything.

” Khloe revised her mind, pointing out that those responsible for the toxicity should be held accountable.

She wrote: โ€œโ€˜We are a toxic generation that doesnโ€™t know how to build healthy relationships. We end up throwing lines like โ€œI donโ€™t owe anyone anythingโ€.

“You do owe people something, you owe those you offended an apology. You owe those who gave you support gratitude. And you owe those you disrespect, respect.

โ€œAccounting is a personal act of integrity and morale principles over what the trends and society say.

“We will forever live in a broken society, until we learn to account for our actions that impact other peopleโ€™s lives negatively.


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