Why Fans Shouldn’t Look at Me – Actress Genoveva Umeh


Although she uses her flamboyant acting skills to captivate Nollywood audiences in popular films, up-and-coming actress Genoveva Umeh says she is no one’s role model as she doesn’t want to be guided by the desire to make decisions based on society’s expectations. Umeh, best known for the movie Blood Sisters and Zina from the Netflix series Far From Home, said in an exclusive chat with Midweek Entertainment that she made the decision because she doesn’t agree with people because of what she does. Or the decisions she makes. .

“My only problem is that I still want to be myself, I still want to do great work and don’t want to be tied to fame,” he said. Inspired by my work, I don’t consider myself a role model. I’m not a role model. It’s nice that you’re just a person who cares about your work and that people draw inspiration from it.

But I don’t want people to obsess over everything I do or blame me for certain decisions I make. I want to live freely, I want to be myself, and I also want to do good without the burden of human expectations.”

The actress said she chose acting because of her passion for the profession and added that she wants to pursue a law degree as a preliminary plan. She said, β€œMy career is just getting started and I appreciate the variety of roles I have played on the big platform. Any role that I can change will certainly do. I like the challenge. playing the same role twice, I don’t like it, each character is a little different.

I chose acting because I was really interested. Like it can’t be shaken. In general, I realized that this is what makes me the happiest. I thought it was a hobby. I decided that I am very talented and very passionate about it. β€œI wanted to help with law studies because I am a first generation immigrant and I understand how hard my parents worked to get me to England. I don’t want to disappoint him with my selfishness.






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