Why I beat up Ondo commissioner – Explanation by an APC leader


The Ondo State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress faced a tumultuous incident when a confrontation unfolded between Mr. Olumide Awolumate, a ward chairman, and Mrs. Juliana Osadahun, the state Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, in Arigidi Akoko, Akoko North-West Local Government Area.

The dispute arose during the distribution of relief items to the local residents, resulting in alleged injuries to the commissioner’s head.

Consequently, the state party chapter suspended Awolumate due to alleged unruly behavior.

Awolumate, in his account of the incident, asserted that the commissioner, accompanied by her son, a police officer, and another individual, came to his residence with the intention of arresting him.

He claimed he did not resist arrest, but rather, the commissioner’s son initiated physical aggression, assaulting him and tearing his clothes. In response, Awolumate defended himself against the attack.

He recounted the initial disagreement during a local government meeting, where he raised concerns about the equitable distribution of palliatives, specifically noting that his allocated share had not reached him.

This sparked a dispute with the commissioner, who objected to his inclusion in the distribution process.

As the dispute escalated, Awolumate was eventually asked to leave the meeting.

Later, at his home, the commissioner’s son confronted him, initiating the physical altercation.

Awolumate defended himself from the assault, which eventually involved the commissioner herself, resulting in a chaotic and violent clash.

The state party chairman, Mr. Ade Adetimehin, strongly condemned the incident, emphasizing the party’s commitment to discipline and respect for women.

He announced Awolumate’s suspension, underscoring that such behavior would not be tolerated within the party.

Efforts to contact Commissioner Juliana Osadahun for her perspective on the matter were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.



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