Why I want to go under the knife – Mary John


Beautiful actress and social media influencer Mary John reveals why she wants to have surgery in the near future.

The Forcestar actress said in an interview, “Yes, I’m going to have surgery to get rid of my belly fat. I don’t need fillers on the buttocks or breasts, this is perfect. I just want to increase the size of my belly. big size, that’s my biggest problem.”

β€œI think I can’t speak for other people because people deal with their problems in different ways. I am very proud of this. I am who I am and I never want to be anyone else.”

When asked about her unique appeal, the Bayelsa native named her beautiful eyes and voice.

For me, my eyes is my special selling point but people will say β€˜Mary is a liar’ that it is my bumbum (laughs), but I’ll always choose my eyes and beautiful voice any time. They always stand me out,” she asserted.

Mary John also revealed her turn on and off in a relationship, stating that a respectful and understanding man gives her the kick.

β€œMy turn on will be a responsible, caring and God fearing man who allows his woman to be herself at all time.

A man who understands the β€œword” respect.Β  My turn off will be an uptight man who thinks he owns the world.Β  A man who does not understand that a woman too can be busy with work.

Some men are so insecure that when she doesn’t take his calls, he would quickly assume that his woman is with another man. Thats a big turn off. I can’t deal with a jealous man.”


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