Why men give women chocolate on Valentine’s Day.


Dr. Michael Ajidahun, also known as Dr. Sina explains why men give women chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

There are disagreement and theories as to what Valentine’s Day actually means, but for years, February 14 has been widely recognized as the day lovers celebrate their love with gifts, congratulations, and more. Cakes, flowers, candy and, more recently, bouquets are popular Valentine’s Day gifts, especially for women.

Ajidahun said in a tweet that chocolate is usually given to women by men because it increases certain chemicals, such as serotonin, that help with mood and sexual arousal.

He wrote, โ€œChocolates are natural sex enhancers & can help you last longer with harder erections. They contain phenylethylamine and serotonin, which can help with mood, sexual stimulation & erections.

Reason why a lot of ladies receive chocolate during Valentineโ€™s Day; they donโ€™t know.โ€

Also, research presented at the 2018 Experimental Biology meeting found that eating 48 grams (g) โ€” a little more than 1.5 oz โ€” of 70% cacao organic chocolate increased neuroplasticity, the brainโ€™s ability to form new synaptic connections, which could have positive effects on memory, cognition, and mood.

Sharing insights on this, a health journal, EveryDay Health, noted that some studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate with high percentages of cacao, such as 70%, may benefit your brain.

Also, a food scientist and dietician, Dr Joy DuBost, explained that there is research indicating that chocolate stimulates neural activity in areas of the brain associated with pleasure and reward, which in turn decreases stress and improves mood.

Other known benefits of dark chocolates include heart health, improved blood-sugar levels, reduced risk of diabetes when consumed accurately, gut health, and weight loss amongst others.




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