Why Movies Need Sex Scenes – Bolaji Ogunmola.


Actress Bolaji Ogunmola said that sometimes the film needs sex scenes to tell the story better.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “Sometimes I think it’s necessary to bring out certain aspects of the character being played. You can’t tell a story about prostitutes or strippers and fully dress them up.

When you need a story, the movie is really good.” If the sex scenes aren’t the first thing people think of, it probably matters how the movie made her feel.

Ogunmola, who received rave reviews for Before Valentine, said, β€œThe official response to this film is so humble and touching.

I would be grateful if your work resonates with people.

I have experience playing Chika.” had to “refer” a college friend who was exactly the same character I knew from college.

I remember reading the script and thinking I wanted to play it. I think everyone knows or has seen chika.

It’s probably not a drama, but we all know the Christian sister who actually married Jesus.”




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