Why My Parents Left Me – Toyin Abraham.


Nollywood actress and producer Toyin Abraham spoke in a new interview about her spirituality and ability to hear the anointing voice of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking to Today, Toyin Abraham reveals that his parents initially kicked her out at birth because she was stillborn and needed a priest’s intervention to bring her back to life.

Toyin Abraham said, β€œI was a very spiritual person.

One of the problems I faced at the time was that I didn’t listen to myself.

I heard the voice of God and saw it in my dreams, but I still wanted to follow my flesh. .

However, things have changed dramatically since I began to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I am very happy about this.

Actually I am a Dadaist – a person born with dreadlocks.

I have been spiritual since birth. My parents had to give me up because they said I was stillborn.

Then a man of God from Ibadan came to the hospital and asked about me, and I was alive. They told me I didn’t cry and didn’t do anything until they named me.”

The actor, who lives a happy married life with co-star kola Ajeyemi, said, β€œThe moment I was named Oluwatoyin, I started crying like a baby. spirit because they didn’t want to. .I chose a small circle because there is too much noise in my head.

There are always positive and negative noises around me. I am not a prudent person.

My heart is very free and I am someone who can be trusted in everything. You can do whatever you want in front of me.



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