Alaafin Throne: Do Not Blame The Kingmakers, Blame The Over-Tolerance Of The Government – Bello Alabi


When will the oyomesi (kingmakers) stop their embarrassing attitudes towards the selection of the new Alaafin? This is the question that has remained unanswered for months.


However, if the embarrassing attitude of oyomesi is being considered as a prank by the oyo state government, the people of oyo are tired of the display of schenanigans.

Enough is enough.


If I don’t make a mistake, the oyo State government has given the kingmakers two months in eight consecutive times to go and follow due process. Each of the two months went by without doing what they were asked to do, which is very disrespectful to the government and the governor himself.


The people who are supposed to be in jail are now full of audacious energy to sue the government.

What an insult.


I do not blame the unscrupulous and indiscipline set of people setting back the improvement of the ancient town (oyo) rather blame the government for pitying the awaiting fugitives.


My anger and disappointment are more with some of the constituents who were supposed to be the promoters of morality, Those who are suffering from liberation are still the ones behind the setback of the town. However, that is the society we found ourselves.


A society where, as far as money is involved, anything goes.


A society where an armed robber asks victims to go to court.


A society where elders become teenagers when it comes to the truths of the issues simply because of money.


A society where a criminal is being appointed to an office of authority without questioning his/her previous activities.


A society where manipulators are caught red-handed and still have audacity to take the matter to the court of law.


A society where a criminal is backed by those in charge of protocols, rules, and regulations.


Whenever i remember the serendipitous status oyo state government placed oyo kingmakers (oyomesi), I quickly remember the no-nonsense former governor of oyo State; Senator isiaka abiola ajimobi of blessed memories, a very disciplinarian governor. Can Oyo kingmakers try such with him? No. They wouldn’t have even started these journey of no return with him.


Those who are close to them should go and warn them to reject being used as scapegoats before some of them shamefully relocate to igbeti and other neighbouring towns in oyo.


Governor makinde is just pitying their oldage, not their attrocities. And if they are capable of sleeping in the Cold War with the government , so be it. We are waiting for their strength against the strength of Semi-god .

Ijoba amuni mun oogun.


Even the Almighty God warned to stay far from the anger of government .


Adulf Hitler of Germany is a case study of fear of government is the beginning of wisdom.


He invaded Poland, which marked the start of World War II, as well as the systematic killing of six million Jews and millions of others.


Leopold II of Belgium killed half of the Congolese population, and countless sets died from punishment and malnutrition. Live goes on till today.


Udi massacre was just 25 years old. during the dispensation of Chief olusegun obasanjo. It

happened between men of the Nigerian Army and armed militias in 1999. This led to the loss of lives and the destruction of the full community . their offence was standing tall against law and orders. Nothing came up after then. I can still vividly remember one of the recent interviews of Chief olusegun obasanjo where he’s being asked about the Udi incidents. His reply was that he had never regretted doing so.


Those pushing oyo kingmakers are evil minded people who never wished them good things.


Let me further advise the respected elders, who are worthy of emulation within oyo and environs , to try as much as possible to send a serious warning to their sons over a blindfolding agitation and threat statements towards the government. They dont know more than the government. Someone can not sit at the back of the universe and condemn the authority. The government is at the top of every scene from the beginning to the end.


There’s nothing wrong with supporting any candidate of their choices , it is globally allowed. Even in politics, it is allowed. But, they should understand that they have boundaries, which some of them are already going beyond their reaches. Di e ni ti alaba ni inu ibeji.


They should not be part of any exhibition of violence against government, be cautious of their utterances towards a stool they are not related to.


I heard from an online TV program, where the anchor of the program said some die hard supporters of a particular candidate said they would be killing themselves if the announcement is eventually not in favour of their candidate. I pity those making such statements in advance.


They should remember the sons of whom they are .


K’olomo kilo fun omo re oo, ola o roo.


A word is enough for the wise.


Written by Bello Alabi


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