BBNaija Ka3na has changed her pregnancy statement.

Contrary to what many believed because of the birth photos posted on Instagram, reality TV star Kate Jones is not pregnant.

Big Brother alumna Naija, known as Ka3na, announced she was expecting a baby on Tuesday after sharing a photo of herself with her tummy.

“We are pregnant @lila_bossbaby” You have been in our hearts for so long! Now we want to hug you and show you to the world. Together we will love you, take care of you and watch you grow.”

A few days later, she posted more videos on her Instagram page of herself holding a baby in her arms.

However, one mother in another post dated the 1st reported that she had not given birth to a child, but “gave birth” to a business idea. In the video, Jones reveals the name of Millennial, a new clothing brand that she and her daughter own.

“Millennial is co-owned by @ka3na_brand, my daughter @lila_bossbaby,” she wrote. Talented daughter. It will bring us closer. A brand that will inspire other moms and millennial families. I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally made it!” he added.