Influence of education in film.


Movies play a very important role in education. Today, educators recognize the fact that films are more than just entertainment.

There are many producers who make special educational films to teach various subjects.

Educational issues can be explored through cinema.

There is also an international council for this. Movies have become a powerful learning tool.

Cinema is a form of visual education. We receive all kinds of information and clarifications.

Cinema is a practical teacher. Learning from films is very interesting. It’s also easy to understand.

As a result, we learn in hours what would take us a lot of time. We are seeing big new cities around the world. We know the customs and customs of different countries.

We know their way of life. All this expands our worldview and enriches our thinking.

The film represents social grievances and awakens public opinion about them. Before our eyes appeared such crimes as dowry, immorality, caste communitarianism and terrorism.

When we see them, we understand that it is our duty to close the scope.

When we see this, we realize our duty to put an end to this evil and see what a negative impact it has on our society.
Films are useful as a learning tool, especially in developing countries.

Most of the people here are illiterate and cannot benefit from reading.

Thus, they can gain a lot of knowledge and information through films. Bait tempts producers and exhibitors to say goodbye to art, to sacrifice moral and social values, and to forget about decorum and the canoe of decorum.

The tendency to blindly copy glamorous Hollywood films and show the public everything exotic is inevitably detrimental to the highest good of our society and nation.

Films play an important role in India’s freedom by spreading knowledge and education and providing innocent entertainment to the weary and disillusioned. Let’s make full use of this entertainment to educate ourselves and our brethren.



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