BBTitian: Nelisa lies a lot – Lukay


Lukay, Titan Brother’s roommate, describes her South African counterpart Nelisa as “a busy person.” He wrote in his diary on Wednesday

And whatever you say, she (Nelisa) has something to say. Nelisa lied a lot. He is always creating something.

β€œI almost got into a plane crash and he comes in and thinks, β€˜Yeah, I got on a plane the other day and the stewardess starts swaying from side to side, like this and that,’ and tries to come up with a story in You can see how they fight and they start weaving and weaving history. β€œHe never dated and couldn’t say that I didn’t know about it or that I wasn’t part of it.

She always has what he does, and so do you. There are none in this world, brother. He has an opinion on everything.”

She always had something to say about what everyone was talking about. No one person can relate to everything in life.






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