We know you’ve been through a lot in your marriage.” Fans ridiculed Regina Daniels for boasting about receiving multi-million dollar gifts from her billionaire husband.

After repeatedly flaunting cash and other lavish gifts from her billionaire husband New Nwoko, who is also an actor and mother of two, Regina Daniels recently asked for confirmation on social media, and now Regina Daniels is trying to impress some of the fans she’s had to go through. pass the. , give many. your marriage is you

Regina Daniels shares her husband’s latest steps on Instagram, including depositing $100,000 into his account.

Regina shared a screenshot of her credit alert on Instagram, talking about how her husband keeps pampering her.

This came just days after she revealed the money she had previously received from her husband.

The billionaire businessman surprised his wife on set with millions of naira.

As usual, Regina Daniels took to Snapchat to show off the wads of money he gave her.

The mother of two said her husband sent the manager for the money.

And just two months ago, the actress revealed that husband Ned Nwoko surprised her with a 10 million naira loan warning.

The constant viewing has left some of her followers drooling and wishing it was in her skin, but some critics feel the entire storyline serves to whitewash what she went through in her marriage.