This is why infidelity is not a problem in marriage,” said Yeni Kuti.


Media Personality, Yeni Kuti sided with veteran actress Patience Ozoku or said that infidelity is not a hindrance to marriage.

Fela’s late daughter Kuti said in a statement to TVC that she could never get out of the marriage because of the affair.

But the only thing that broke her deal was when her husband cheated on her with another man.

But cheating on a woman is allowed. Yeni Kuti also commented on how her late father married several women but never left her mother.

Cheating is not a problem for me. My father had 27 wives and my mother never left. I’m not saying she’s happy, but she didn’t leave.

My own deal break was when I found out my partner was sleeping with another man.

This is my deal breaker. I’ll run, they don’t even ask me. I’ll run.”





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