Bbtitans: Ipeleng and Lukay have sex in the house (video).

The scene was filmed by Ipeleng and roommate Rukay at the Titans Big Brother’s house, and when Ipeleng threw the used condom into the trash, the two of them exited the bathroom to cheers from the audience.

Titans Big Brother stars Lukay and Ipeleng were the first housemates to have sex at Titans House.

This is the quietest neighbor in the house, which will further surprise many viewers and some housemates. show.

Two housemates from South Africa were caught having sex in the garden after Thursday night’s pool party.

The other housemates, Marvin, JP and Yvonne, were watching the performance when her moans caught everyone’s attention.

They were caught kissing in public this afternoon, showing their affection.

Many fans of the show will be surprised to learn that Ipeleng is always fully clothed, unlike other housemates who move around the house in light clothing.

Ipeleng and Lukay are now the first roommates to officially have sex on a reality show and are seen washing their hands after throwing away a used condom.

Reality show BBTitans enters its second week as housemates from Nigeria and South Africa try to settle down under the same roof.

Watch the video below: