It was necessary,” Ini Edo nude critic Mike Bamiloye said in Shanty Town.

Edo Ini, actress and mother, co-producer of the acclaimed movie Shanty town, has finally responded to controversy over Nollywood’s over-the-top display.

This comes after Mount Zion Ministries founder evangelist Mike Bamiloye took on Nigerian celebrities, especially actors and actresses who made films promoting nudity, romance and other social ills.

Speaking to BBC Pidgin, Ini Edo, who plays Inem in The Slums, responded to criticism that it would be impossible to make a film without nudity, as crime and prostitution are at the center of the story.

According to him, it is impossible to properly convey the message of the film without showing sex scenes.

This Edo also emphasizes that the slums are stories of crime and prostitution, and that such a story cannot be told without showing nudity.

Test noted that the nudity was not intended to embarrass anyone, but to make the film look as realistic as possible.

The veteran movie star also denounced the over-attention to the female body and urged people to view the female body as a mere creation of God, devoid of pretentious pretense.