“Because of my role in the shanty Town, I don’t clean or shower all day long” – Chidi Mokeme.


Nigerian actor Chidi Mokeme revealed how he played his role in the six-episode series “Shanty Town”

The series tells the story of a group of prostitutes who want to escape the influence of an infamous king, but quickly find it extremely difficult to do so due to political corruption and family ties.

Mokeme has won the hearts of many fans and received many awards for his portrayal of Scar King.

The actor told BBC Pidgin on Thursday that he had to undergo drastic physical changes for the role.

He said, β€œThe body transformation I do to sympathize with the Scar character is to shave my head and go bald.

Also, if I have to do dirty work because I don’t shower for a few days, I can do it freely. because I know that I am not clean.

Sometimes, when I’m not brushing my teeth or talking to people, they wonder what kind of person I am.

I don’t smoke, but I have to smoke about three packs a day to make my voice sound like on the show.”

Mokeme also showed that it was hard to let go of Scar’s character. β€œThe heroes and I are united, and it will be some time before we part,” he said.





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