” Is this jealousy? Austin Faani wonders why the actress does not support Funke Akindele’s gubernatorial ambitions.


Nollywood coach Austin faani wondered why his colleagues did not support Funke Akindele in his bid to become Lagos state deputy governor.

Austin Faani wonders if it’s jealousy that keeps actresses from supporting Funke Akindele, who is running for NDP’s deputy governor of Lagos State.

ā€œI don’t support Funke Akindele’s friends, especially celebrities.

Is it envy? We can publish your films, but not your political ambitions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of California.

Do you consider him incompetent? I think he’ll do better than all the deputy governors in Lagos. Choose my partner Choose PDP, choose Yandor and Funke.ā€

Austin Faani expressed his disappointment with the launch of his reality show “Big Brothers Titans” amid the long-awaited general election in Nigeria.

According to the father of four, the organizers of the Ebukawa event will one day have to explain to Nigerians why such an irrational decision was made. Faani, who is happily married to Chacha Eke Faani, wrote on her Instagram page: The crowd of Nigerians concerned especially southern Nigeria who are more involved in the grand show of the upcoming elections will talk about it one day. Ihope their reasons are clear and will positively influence what everyone in Nigeria is looking for.

Get your PVC boy now I’ve been told by people to choose wisely, choose conscience and all.

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