Call your wife to order Netizens slam kolawole Ajeyemi

Netizens react by calling for peace for Toyin’s husband, Abraham Kolawole Ajeyemi, amid spitting in Nollywood.

It’s no news that the internet is full of Nollywood stars’ dirty secrets about their controversial 2023 presidential election choice.

The Yoruba offshoot of Nollywood stars posted their dirty wash on Instagram about how they got the support of a politician who they say “supports them through hard times.”

Kolawole Ajeyemi took to Instagram and urged his colleagues to act maturely because they are ‘role models to their fans who look up to them.

“In everything we do please,let’s always remember who we are and what we are doing.

Let’s remember we are also role models to someone somewhere and people out there are looking up to us everything going on right now will surely pass and please let’s not do things that will later affect u,” Toyin Abraham’s husband wrote on Instagram.