Foluke Daramola-Salako says deception can be overcome.


Popular actress and filmmaker Foluke Daramola-Salako says that it is possible to survive the betrayal of her husband, but it is also possible to justify violence.

β€œThe fact that my husband is the leader of the Labour Party does not change the fact that we are married and respect each other,” she insisted, arguing that it did not matter that she and her husband Kayode Salako had different political views. telling Beats on Saturday. opinions and feelings. If someone wants to dominate me, I will take it as a form of bullying. I can deal with infidelity in relationships and marriage, but I can’t deal with any form of violence. The relationship won’t work if my husband shows dominance or if I feel like I’m in some sort of bondage. But so far it has been progressive and it has worked for us.

A supporter of the All Progressive Congress, the actress claims that she is no stranger to politics. She said: β€œI studied law and international relations at school.

Acting is my way to survive, but politics is my first love.” However, Daramola assured fans that she was not going to stop her acting career.

She also explained that she has always prioritized time with her children. β€œI didn’t have the opportunity to see my kids for two years, but despite the pressure (from work and other activities), I found time to travel and spend time with my kids. I am always ready to give everything, I love my time and dedication,” she said. I am a passionate person, if I decide to do something, no one can stop me from doing it.



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