A musical genre is a conditional category that defines a particular piece of music as part of a common tradition or set of conventions.

Although they should be distinguished from musical form and musical style, in practice the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Music can be divided into genres in different ways, such as popular music and art music, religious music and secular music.

The genealogy of musical genres is often presented in the form of written diagrams of how new genres developed under the influence of older genres.

New musical genres can emerge through the development of new musical styles.

You can easily create new classifications. While it is possible to create musical styles unrelated to existing genres, new styles are usually influenced by existing genres.

Musicologist sometimes categorize music according to various dichotomies, such as “Philip Tugg’s axiom triangle of ‘folk’, ‘art’ and ‘pop'”. He described each of the three as different from each other according to certain criteria.

Due to the artistic nature of music, these classifications are often subjective and controversial, and some genres may overlap.




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