Why I got kicked out – Sandra from BBTitans.

Former Big Brother Titans roommate Sandra Essien has revealed why she was kicked off the reality show Sandra and Theo Traw were released on Sunday.

The duo was the first outcome of the show’s debut season.

She blamed the choice of partners he dated as the main reason for his eviction from Big Brother’s house in Africa.

“I think some people are the happiest. I think a couple will benefit some people. You are lucky.

Theo and I got home a few days ago and it seems we didn’t have enough time.

“I think marriage was one of the main reasons I got kicked out,” she told reporters.

According to her, they want to work with Juicy, Ebubu and a few other housemates.

Regarding her plans for the future, she said, “I’m interested in everything from variety shows to models to fashion.