How stage plays will endure: Insights from Kunle Afolayan


Nigerian filmmaker Kunle Afolayan emphasizes that stage plays will endure thanks to dedicated industry professionals.

In a recent interview, Afolayan discussed the ongoing vitality of stage productions in Nigeria.

He highlighted the intricate nature of staging, pointing out that even rehearsals could span six months due to the detailed process.

Afolayan contrasted this with the quicker turnaround in filmmaking, where a movie can be produced in three to six months.

He expressed concern about actors moving swiftly between projects, potentially overlooking crucial details.

Despite these challenges, Afolayan emphasized the cultural significance and values associated with live performances.

He credited figures like Bolanle Austin Peters and Joke Silver for ensuring the continued vibrancy of stage productions.

Regarding his Netflix series spinoff of the movie Anikulapo, Afolayan shared that the original concept was envisioned as a series several years ago.

However, after discussions with Netflix, the decision was made to create a film first, which turned out to be a global success.

The positive reception paved the way for the realization of the original series idea.


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