How Wumi Toriola’s ex-husband morally tortured her and cheated on her” Actor Akeem Adeyemi


Nollywood actor Akeem Adeyemi went berserk when he defended co-star Wumi Toriola from her ex.

Wumi Toriola’s ex-husband revealed that his marriage was based on his new love. Speaking about his failed marriage, he said that their marriage was full of violence, deceit and betrayal by Wumi Toriola. Her estranged husband shared this with his new Igbo girlfriend, who chatted with Instagram blogger Gistlover.

The blogger claims that the woman contacted him when he broke the news about the couple’s separation. The woman admitted that she was dating wumi’s husband, who denied marriage. After confirming that her new husband is a former actress, she confronts him and he talks about his “strong marriage”.

Although the father of one did not go into details and said that his marriage to the actress was ugly and full of physical abuse and betrayal. He said he regretted his marriage and accused the actress of assaulting her mother.

Akeem Adeyemi defends against wumi Toriola.

Akeem Adeyemi talks about her and how wumi Toriola gave everything to get married and endure the pain of her husband. He explained that the actress is Marga in her marriage because she takes on the financial responsibilities at home, including marriage. According to Akeem, her ex-husband wanted to tarnish Wumi’s image as his mother still often called him Wumi.

He added that he was not only mentally torturing her, but having extramarital sex with her.

“Wumi Toriola is not a violent person. She gave her everything in this marriage but it didn’t work out as expected. She was a Maga in the marriage. Ayo, her ex-husband is very manipulative and he lies to his new woman just to tarnish Wumi’s image. The mother-in-law he claims still calls her Even today

Wumi funded 90% of the wedding. When her ex-husband was seriously ill and needed money for surgery. Wumi paid 80% of it. When he didn’t have a job, Womei would take care of the house’s finances without complaining, but this guy had extra marital affairs and gave her psychological torture. When she went to give birth to their child in America. Ayo never called her to check on her. How many women can accept this? “.







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