Iyabo Ojo’s stepdaughter Vanessa Onyinye celebrated her 26th birthday in style with a note of her own.


Actress Iyabo Ojo’s stepdaughter Vanessa Onyinye left a personal note on her 26th birthday today, January 25, 2023.

The daughter of talent manager Paul Okoye sticks to her usual birthday rituals out of gratitude. Onyinye writes good messages every year to family, friends, colleagues and everyone else. To make this year special, Oninye wrote her own note in her honor. He In-ye explained why she was grateful to herself, such as learning how to survive and obeying her father. “As always this year, thank you and thank you.

I have many family, connections and friends who love me, care for me and support me. And I owe them the same love. But this year, I want to thank myself by taking a page from @snoopdogg’s book.

I Thank me for not giving up.
I thank me for working hard.
I thank me for seeing the best in other people.
I thank me for always looking at the future and bigger picture.
I thank me for learning how to survive in all conditions and circumstances.
I thank me for listening to my father.
I thank me for opening doors for others.
I thank me for putting my people on.
I thank me for being there when people needed me.
Most of all I thank me for believing in God and never giving up.

Happy Birthday to Me +1″.


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