ICP.Hub Sahara addresses TechyJaunt’s event on “Expanding Horizons: Crafting a Tech Career as a Student” beyond the confines of campus walls


ICP.Hub Sahara, West Africa’s official hub for the Internet Computer protocol, demonstrated its dedication to nurturing tech talent and fostering innovation at TechyJaunt’s recent event, “Beyond the Campus Walls; Building a Tech Career as a Student,” held at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. Drawing over 2000 eager students, the event served as a gateway for exploring technology and potential career paths.

Adedayo Adebajo, Co-founder of ICP.Hub Sahara, took the spotlight as a distinguished speaker at the event. During the second panel session on “How to Launch your Career in Tech: Building a Career in Tech from Novice to Knowledgeable,” Adebajo, alongside industry experts like Mr. Ezeudeka George Ikechukwu, Mr. Eliezer Ajah, and Mr. Okechukwu V.A., shared practical advice for navigating successful careers in technology.

Adebajo’s expertise extended beyond the panel discussion; his compelling presentation emphasized the importance of a growth mindset in acquiring and developing new tech skills.

His thought-provoking insights resonated with the audience, inspiring them to embrace continuous learning in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

TechyJaunt, known for its commitment to nurturing tech enthusiasts through cutting-edge education, provided a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

Focused on onboarding individuals and keeping them updated on emerging technologies and skills, TechyJaunt reaffirmed its dedication to empowering the next generation of tech leaders.

The event also featured notable speakers like Okechukwu V.A., Co-founder of Blockchain UNN Enugu; Mr. Dimeji Falana, CEO, and Co-founder of Edves Lagos Nigeria; and Eliezer Ajah, Talent Development Lead at Genesys Tech Hub.

Their collective expertise enriched the event, offering students valuable insights into various facets of the tech industry.

In an evolving tech landscape, collaborations between industry players like ICP.Hub Sahara and community-driven initiatives like TechyJaunt are vital for nurturing talent and fostering innovation.

The event’s success underscores the significance of such partnerships in shaping the future of technology in West Africa and beyond.


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