OPay transforms customer service through inventive solutions and increased accessibility, redefining the experience.


OPay, the foremost financial technology company in Nigeria headquartered in Lagos, has transformed customer service by prioritizing user satisfaction and implementing state-of-the-art solutions for an enriched customer experience.

Pioneering a revolution centered on convenience and efficiency, OPay caters to diverse user needs through a seamless integration of physical and digital touchpoints, ensuring unparalleled service for everyone.

Headquartered in Lagos, OPay has strategically positioned 17 customer service centers nationwide, serving individuals who prefer in-person interactions for their service-related inquiries.

This extensive network offers easy access to friendly support, eliminating the hassles of long queues and impersonal interactions.

Not stopping there, OPay provides robust online customer service for users who prefer digital channels.

The online platform offers a plethora of self-service resources, real-time Live Chat with Customer Service Agents (CSAs), and a streamlined process for reporting disputes directly through the App.

OPay empowers users by putting service control in their hands, irrespective of their location.

Mr. Dauda Gotring, Managing Director of OPay, emphasizes the importance of transparency and timely resolutions in the OPay experience.

Dispute issues, such as transfer or card problems, are meticulously handled with progress updates and resolution timelines communicated conveniently within the App.

With a dedicated team of over 500 Customer Service Agents, OPay ensures exceptional care round the clock.

Whether users need quick queries answered or assistance with complex issues, a friendly and knowledgeable representative is just a click away.

Key Features of OPay’s Enhanced Customer Service:

1. Progress Updates Through the App:
Customers can now report disputes directly through the OPay app, receiving transparent updates on the progress of their reported issues. This includes information on transfer disputes or card-related concerns, coupled with a well-defined resolution timeline. This feature empowers users with real-time information and reassurance during the resolution process.

2. Live Chat with OPay Customer Service Agents:
OPay introduces a 24/7 Live Chat option where customers can connect with over 500 Customer Service Agents. This instant and interactive channel allows users to seek assistance, resolve queries, and receive support at their convenience. The Live Chat feature underscores OPay’s commitment to accessible and responsive customer service.

As OPay continues to lead in financial technology, these customer-centric innovations solidify its position as an industry trailblazer.

By seamlessly combining traditional face-to-face support with cutting-edge online solutions, OPay aims to create a satisfying experience for its diverse user base.



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