I’m more of a celebrity than Lukay- JAYPEE


JAYPEE, one of 12 Nigerian housemates currently participating in BBTitans, shares her experience at home in South Africa.

After moving out, JAYPEE said that Saturday parties were one of the best times she enjoyed his home.

The high for me was the party; I was always referred to as the life of the party even outside the house.

Making friends and connecting with people in the house as well as the games, getting into the arena was always a vibe for me and a huge deal.

Continuing, she said, β€œMy lows would be the fact that I had to be in the arena every morning for the exercise.

I felt isolated many times, also anytime I came close to winning any game and maybe the head of the house challenge and I lost with a narrow margin.

Jaypee was paired with a South African housemate, Lukay during her stay in the house.

On her thoughts about the pairing, Jaypee said she believed she would have stayed longer if she wasn’t paired.

I believe that if we were not paired, we would probably have stayed longer in the house. For starters, I will say that I was more of a celebrity than my partner Lukay is, and had more points than he does.

So, if I was standing alone, I would have stayed longer in the house.

However, I feel the pairing made it easy for other housemates to eliminate the housemates they saw as threats,” she said.

Jaypee also spoke on her observation of the remaining housemates saying, β€œIf Kanaga jnr continues with his strategy,Β  manipulativeness and his calculative moves, I think he just might win the show.

It’s not like I want him to win the show though.

Honestly, I am rooting for Ebubu, he deserves this win because he is a true hustler.

So, if he could really get far, it will be amazing to see him win.”


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