I’m Unlucky in Love – Kiitan Bukola

An actress, Kiitan Bukola, said she was unlucky to date a man who supported her.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “I am a child of grace, and I thank God for that. I don’t know why some people see me as a competitor (threat). I know that people appreciate me and I appreciate them in return. Also, I have not been lucky to date people who have been of help to me. The people I have dated have generally not been supportive. I have really not been lucky with dating guys that are supportive of me.”

When asked what she wants from a relationship, the actress replied, “I want to be happy in a relationship. I want a happy family and a good father for my children. Making money isn’t necessarily a priority.”

Kiitan, who was previously engaged, revealed that she is currently in a relationship. “Two people cannot have a relationship without quarrels. However, solving a problem or breaking up a relationship is up to the individual. If you can’t save the relationship, it’s best to just give up.

I am currently single and not searching. Right now I’ve given up on love, but tomorrow I might change my mind.”