Jandor talked about plans to reform the “area boys” In Lagos.


Abdul-Azeez Adediran, also known as Jandor, promised to turn street thugs, known in the state as “area boys”, into positive tools.

Adediran, aka Jandor, made the announcement during a debate on the governor’s platform on Sunday. He said it would help improve safety in parking corridors and across the state. β€œI have said this many times. I could turn it into a tool, but that’s a positive thing, especially the fact that we’ve handed over the fleet on behalf of the repair shop.”

Whenever there is movement in this corridor, you will see people rob our people in this corridor. β€œSo, I’m going to tell the boss of this garage that the day I see someone robbing people in this alley, your garage will be taken over. They make money in this garage so they don’t want to lose it. It’s a tool with which we can change them.”

The PDP candidate also said he is implementing what he calls smart public policing. He said it would help the government get information from people across the state and take action to prevent security breaches. He added that trust between the people will be built by ensuring that any information they provide to the government is used to ensure the success of the idea. Yandor said the best way to deal with unrest in the country is to act as early as possible rather than prosecute the perpetrators when they occur. He added that by providing the right information at the right time, governments can intervene at any time and avoid all forms of uncertainty.

With regard to domestic congestion, PDP participants stated that in some areas where congestion occurs, infrastructure improvements are not required, but the will of the government is required. He said all intersections on the Lekki-Epe toll road should have viaducts, adding that this would be the case if he was elected governor, saying that traffic could pass unhindered by simply clearing the many intersections that were constantly jammed.



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