Jay Ayamey plans to reignite Nigerian rap scene

UK-based rapper Jay Ayamey has vowed to reignite the Afro rap scene.

The Afro rapper who is set to release a new single, ‘Omo Yoruba’ said the Nigerian rap scene needs to be awakened as she vows to be the savior of the genre.

“I am very confident with Afro rap because I’m rapping on Afrobeats. Rap in Nigeria needs to be reignited and I’m the artist to do that,” said Ayamey

The first single that I’m going to release is guaranteed to have Nigeria chanting certain slangs. The song demonstrates exactly what Afro rap is and what the Afro rap Goddess is about to do in the Nigerian rap industry. To be honest my main inspiration was showing Nigeria exactly who Jay Ayamey is. The song demonstrates my confidence, cockiness, and lyrical skill.”

The sexy female rapper who has severally been seen wearing a designer gold mask also disclosed that has her identity.

Yes, the mask is my style. I want to be unique and different and I believe the mask allows me to do just that. I want my identity to be a mystery.”