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Movie Review Part 1.


The Black Book.


I have read many reviews regarding this Nollywood blockbuster, every good words said about the movie is on point and I can’t agree less.


But still I have my reservations.


0.1. The lead character bared “Edima” a known Akwa Ibom name but the character name of Edima’s son that was killed is “Damilola” a Yoruba name. Why so?


You will agree with me that most of us bear two names, one might be our native name and the other an English name.


Realistically a man of such caliber can’t give his son a name from another tribe and ignore giving him a name from his origin at least a teasing name.


Hence, I think this was a mix up, not a good character link up and wasn’t a good one for me.


0.2. The character “Edima” and his Son never spoke the native language attached to their origin not even in a scene, rather Edima spoke Hausa.


For example, The characters Big Daddy, Senator Dipo and Mrs Judith were all from Yoruba and they spoke their native language.


So why was Edima and His Son’s own different?


Movies are the reflection of our reality, so How is it believable that Edima a man in his late 60s can’t speak his own Native language.


I think in that aspect it’s poor character description


Even if you base in another man’s land you can’t forget your root and it’s culture, so I think “Editi Effiong” the Producer who is Also the Director should’ve done better on those aspect regarding the fact that he’s from where that name “Edima” originate.


Lastly for now, I wept after watching the movie, the reason wasn’t about the tragic plot rather it’s was about..


To be continued in part 2.


Sam Joe is my name and I am what I preach.



Sam Joe


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