My dark past, why I am so protective of my children – Mercy Johnson.


Award-winning actress Mercy Johnson-okojie explained why she is overprotective of her children.

In the latest episode of her cooking show, the mother of four says her childhood was filled with great pain and chaotic emptiness.

She explains that children are the most important thing in her life. Excited at the thought of having to relive a little of their harsh past, they protect their children like a mother hen protects her chickens.

She said: “As I have always said, my life is like a criterion of preference and takes precedence over everything else.”

I remember when I was young, I suffered so much that I cried, and no one wiped my eyes. Because we know hunger, we can define hunger. Intimidation can be identified.

β€œSo I think I don’t want kids, not something I went through. My past is why I’m so protective of my children.”



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