My father harassed me with policemen several times – Davido

Afrobeat singer David Adeleke, commonly known as Davido, recounted how his father, Chief Adedeji, sent police several times to arrest him early in his career.

The OBO singer said that his father was initially against his musical career and wanted him to focus on his education.

Davido spoke about this while introducing Ebro on the New York Hot 97FM morning show after the album’s release. The broadcaster shared Friday’s interview on YouTube.

Davido said that his father sent the police several times to arrest him and cancel the concerts he was supposed to play.

He sent the police to arrest me… just like he saw the billboard; For example, “Davido is there and Wizkid is there.” He will send the police to arrest everyone. If you are there, show organizers (you will be arrested),” he told the FM radio station, and he and the host laughed.

When asked why his father did this, Davido replied, “That’s why I have to go back to school.”

He just kept it. Then you have time. Then I realized: “Oh, this is exciting!” They (the police) came and arrested me. Then I’m on my mobile phone, and whoever took the phone’s keychain, my song! I said “it’s me”. He said, “Are you Davido?” I said yes! And he let me go.”

He said after then he dropped a record that became big in Africa. “The president was playing it,” he boasted.

When the singer was asked when his dad stopped getting him arrested, Davido said, “I finished school. But I had to do like a part-time stuff.”

He noted that his father didn’t hate music, he wanted him to be serious with his education.

“Not that he hated music, he just wanted me to go to school. And I feel like, he wants that whatever I’m gonna do, I have to be successful,” he added.

He said his father now called him to ask what next, adding that his dad was proud of him, and he was his number one fan.

“He’s calling, asking me what next. He’s like over-asking questions,” he added.