Olajide Adesope, The Unsung Hero of Africa’s Musical Revolution


Adesope Olajide, also known by his monikers Shopsydoo and Energy Gawd, is a Nigerian UK-based media personality, radio and television host, talk show host, event host, and podcaster. His contributions to African music and culture have been significant, yet he remains somewhat of an unsung hero in the industry.

Adesope’s media journey began in 2003, and he quickly made his mark, he has made significant contributions to the global recognition and dissemination of Afrobeats, Africa’s most valuable cultural export.

Adesope was rightfully acknowledged as one of Africa’s 100 most impactful individuals by Ranks Africa. Yet, it seems that many fail to grasp the magnitude of his influence. Adesope stands as a living legend, propelling Nigeria’s most prized cultural asset, Afrobeats, onto the world stage. He is the unsung hero who championed Afrobeats long before its explosion on social media platforms.

Adesope’s role cannot be overstated; he has been the driving force behind many global Afrobeats artists’ early careers, believing in their potential when few others did. His tireless efforts have solidified him as a bridge-builder, connecting continents through the universal language of music.

Wizkid himself bestowed upon Adesope the moniker “Afrobeats CNN” in recognition of his relentless efforts to promote and propagate the Afrobeats culture worldwide. Adesope possesses a deep understanding of how to unite people and showcase the incredible talent emanating from Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Through music, Adesope has paved the way for Nigerian artists to gain international recognition and collaborations, laying the foundation for the flourishing interrelationships we see today. He remains an integral part of the Afrobeats journey, serving as the engine room driving its continued global ascent. Adesope’s unwavering dedication and vision make him a true icon of African musical culture, deserving of widespread celebration and acclaim.


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