Vicmob Schools Prepares to Shine: Rehearsals Underway for World Theatre Day Performance of “Sisi Eko”


As the world eagerly anticipates the celebration of World Theatre Day, Vicmob Schools is gearing up to dazzle audiences with their upcoming performance of “Sisi Eko.” With rehearsals in full swing, the school’s talented cast and crew are hard at work, fine-tuning their skills and bringing the captivating story to life on stage.

From the bustling streets of Lagos to the vibrant characters that inhabit its neighborhoods, each rehearsal session at Vicmob Schools is infused with energy and passion. Under the guidance of dedicated directors and coaches, students are honing their acting chops, mastering choreography, and perfecting their delivery to ensure a mesmerizing theatrical experience for spectators.

Behind the curtain, the creative team is pulling out all the stops to transform the school’s auditorium into a mesmerizing theatrical backdrop. From elaborate set designs to intricately crafted costumes, every detail is meticulously planned to transport the audience into the heart of the narrative.

According to the director of Education Vicmob Schools Mrs. Modupe Folarin, “Sisi Eko” promises to be a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of Lagos, highlighting its history, traditions, and the resilience of its people. Through music, dance, and powerful storytelling, the production aims to honor the city’s heritage while offering thought-provoking insights into contemporary issues.

Beyond the stage, Vicmob Schools is actively engaging with the immediate community to foster a sense of unity and collaboration. Through outreach programs and educational workshops, the school is inspiring the next generation of performers and nurturing a love for the arts.


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