Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Have Their Second Child, Named ‘Riot,’ Prompting Reactions from Netizens


Mixed responses have surfaced regarding the choice of name for Rihanna’s newborn son, who she welcomed with her partner, rapper Asap Rocky, on August 1. They named him ‘Riot Rose Mayers,’ according to The Blast.

The couple already has a son, RZA Athelston Mayers, born in 2022, named after the iconic Wu-Tang Clan rapper, RZA.

On social media, individuals have begun to express their opinions about the name given to their latest addition.

For instance, one Twitter user, #provii8, jokingly remarked, “Rihanna naming her second son Riot is all cool until the boy starts leading riots in college.”

Another user, #damiadenuga, quipped, “Rihanna and ASAP Rocky name their son Riot aka Idamu Adugbo. Portable influenced them.”

#Hantibedavid commented, “God gave Rihanna and A$AP Rocky 9 months to choose a name for their baby boy, and all they could come up with is Riot?”

#Amblue_jay added, “Rihanna named her son Riot, but people continue to laugh at Zimbabwean names.”

#Mbahdeyforyou humorously suggested, “As them dun born Riot, next pikin’ go be Protest.”

However, #Raylex04 defended the name ‘Riot,’ stating, “Rihanna named her child ‘Riot,’ and the child is going to be rich and successful despite his name, and then there’s you, ‘Glory,’ with no glory, happiness with no joy, wisdom wey nor wise.”

#Ovo_himself449 made an observation, “You see people abroad bearing names like Stone, Bucket, Riot, making it in life, but here in Nigeria, pesin wey dey bear Success dey write Jamb 4 times.”



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