Singer, Portable promises to win Grammy Award.


Popular Nigerian street hop artiste Portable has expressed his desire to win a Grammy Award in his career.

Timi Agbaje, the host of the popular program, spoke about this in an interview. Portable said that while there is no such category at the world’s most prestigious music awards, the Grammy Awards, he would like to win the Best African Artist category.

According to him, he hopes to win the title of “Ika of Africa”.

That thing Iโ€™d want to do thatโ€™ll make me truly fulfilled is to win a Grammy. I want to win the category of โ€˜Best Artiste in Africaโ€™. Best artiste o! Number 1!! That Ika of Africa, I want to use the title to collect that award,โ€ he said.

The โ€˜Zazuโ€™ crooner affirmed that he has to be honoured by the international music body, and not be a recipient of the local awards being โ€˜sold up and downโ€™.

โ€œIf I donโ€™t collect an award, ah!!! International award o! Not all those local awards that they sell up and down. You know the industry has caucus but destiny has no competition. But if they said we should compete? What do they sing?

โ€œThose people collecting awards, what are they singing? Can you sing with a live band? Can you sing a good song? Can you sing a reality song? Canโ€™t you praise God? โ€ฆ.Ogun kee you!

If he was to pick one female artiste to have a collabo with, Portable said it will be Asa.

โ€œThere are several female artistes Iโ€™d like to collaborate with. But let me not lie, I love Asa.โ€


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