Singer Teni witnessed the assassination of her father in front of her own eyes


Nigerian singer Teniola Apata, also known as Teni Makaniki, has revealed that witnessing the assassination of her father, the late Brig. Gen. Simeon Apata (retd.), had a profound impact on her life.

She shared this deeply personal experience during an interview with media personality Taymesan, explaining that she was just two years old when armed assailants intruded into their Lagos residence and tragically took her father’s life in front of their family.

The acclaimed singer, known for hits like ‘Uyo Meyo,’ expressed how this traumatic event affected her upbringing, leading to the development of trust issues over the years.

In the interview, which Taymesan posted on Instagram, Teni shared, “Growing up after losing my father at such a tender age was a traumatic experience.

The memory of him being assassinated in our presence when I was only 2 years old has left a lasting impact on me.

His passing deprived me of a father figure and instilled deep-seated trust issues in me, as those gunmen deliberately invaded our home with the intent to harm him.”

The late Brig. Gen. Simeon Apata (retd.) met his tragic end on January 8, 1995.



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