The “Almajiri” Premiere at AFRIFF Was Honored by AY & Mabel Makun’s Love

Mabel Makun went to the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) to show her support for her husband, AY Makun. On November 11, the duo was gorgeous as they walked the red carpet for the festival’s final film, “Almajiri.”

The two posed for cute pictures on the red carpet as they arrived for the screening of “Almajiri,” in which AY Makun serves as both an executive producer and an actor. AY wore a unique headdress, gown, and burnoose that resembled an emir’s attire, while Mabel wore a long, pale pink gown with a matching floor-length cape created by House of Julyet Peters.

AY & Mabel Makun were photographed below at the movie festival during the showing of “Almajiri”