Uche Ebere characterizes Kie Kie’s reason for sharing expenses with their spouse as ‘unfavorable


Veteran actress Uche Ebere has criticized her younger colleague Kie Kie for her ‘negative’ attitude towards sharing expenses with her husband.

During a recent podcast conversation with Toke Makinwa, the skit maker, whose real name is Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, suggested that married couples should split household expenses equitably.

She proposed, “So, when we want to have disagreements, you’ll handle one aspect, and I’ll handle another.

You carry the chair; I’ll take the television.

You deal with the roof; I’ll manage the floor.
We share everything equally.

You can’t tell me to leave my own home.”

Kie Kie’s perspective on splitting bills in marriage garnered various reactions, with some people arguing that what works for one couple may not work for another.

Uche Ebere contended that Kie Kie’s mindset about marriage was problematic because it already considered divorce as an option.

She emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on matrimony.

In response, Ebere expressed, “She undermined the entire valid point by mentioning, ‘So when they’re splitting, like in divorce or separation, the man will take this, while she’ll take that.’

This implies that she’s in the marriage with the mindset of divorce or separation, which isn’t ideal.

Build your home with positivity; that’s the way to go. Trust in God’s guidance.


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