Why the music business needs A & R service.


The founder of the Artist and Repertoire, Nigeria, Babatunde Williams, has said the music business would be nearly impossible to operate without the services of A&R representatives.

In an exclusive chat with Midweek Entertainment, Williams said A&R representatives made it possible for musicians to make good records or get their music across to the right audience.

He said, β€œBefore the advent of A&R services, it was nearly impossible for musicians to make good records or get their music to the right people unless they lived in one of the major music cities and had a well-connected manager or music attorney to be out there and here is where have been a rescue to many record labels, music publishers, artist management firms, public relations firms, and sync companies that have utilised our services to find and sign acts.

We play an important role in the development of the artist, sometimes choosing songs for the musicians to record if they don’t write their material and building a basic promotional foundation for the album or singles.

β€œA&R duty gives much more than just access to the music industry decision-makers, it also provides professional feedback, and the most well-respected β€˜musician’s toolbox’ in the business. We help create the right kind of music for the right pitch, and then give you access to the people who need it.”




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