Interview: Tobi Bakre talks about playing the Lead Role in “Brotherhood” and “Gangs of Lagos”


Tobi Bakre is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising stars in Nollywood. Since he came into the limelight as a contestant on the 2018 edition of the reality show, Big Brother Naija, he has gone on to work on several projects, including web series and box office films. It’s officially Tobi Season and Greoh Studio absolutely love to see it!

Tobi Bakre is the star of the newly announced Amazon Prime Video Original (The very first Nigerian Original!)Gangs of Lagos, and he is also set to take the Nigerian box office by storm with his role as Akin in Greoh Studio’s highly anticipated film, Brotherhood which premieres in cinemas across Africa from September 23.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in Brotherhood.

Tobi: I played the role of Akin Adetula aka Kalashnikov (One of the brothers). Based on what I and the producer Jade had discussed which also was the vision of the Director- Loukman, we wanted a totally different look and feel for the character, and I was willing to go all the way. I changed my diet, changed my workout, shaved my head, and pierced my ears to look like the character we all envisaged. I loved it. Getting into character wasn’t too much of a hassle, the story, the stage design, and my look made it easier to stay locked into the character.

You are also the lead character in Jade Osiberu’s highly anticipated film, Gangs of Lagos. Tell us a bit about that experience.

Tobi: GAAAAAAAAAANGS OF LAGOS!!!! You have to shout it whenever you say it. Everybody around you must hear it, everybody around you and in the world must see it. So far in my acting career, I will say this is that movie. A movie of many things to me. It holds many sentiments. It’s my first Lead Role as an actor. It’s the first time anybody was going to trust me to deliver on what I will call a big stage which has now become a global stage. It was the first time in a long time I really feel like I impressed myself and impressed everyone that has come across this project. The movie will mean a lot to the Nigerian movie industry, and to have played the lead in such along with the most amazing actors you can only dream of working with, I can only tell you God indeed works in miraculous ways. Being given such an opportunity and possibly delivering beyond expectations. I just keep saying, God, you did that! Oluwatobilobaaaaa, you did that! Jade and Lala You Did That!

What should the audience look out for in these two highly anticipated films in which you play the lead role?

Tobi: The audience needs to see in real-time the future of Nollywood shows facing in present times. True storytelling at its best. Best Directing, Best Acting, Best Lighting, Next level creativity, Next level collaboration, genius marketing, and much more. It will inspire a lot of great things to come.

Which movie would you say is most challenging so far and why?

Tobi: They have all been challenging in their own unique ways. None was a breeze through. They both took blood, sweat, and tears. I’ll call it a truce on this one.

Describe what having fun after a long day at work is to you.

Tobi: Fun after a long day’s work is coming home to make silly noises to my infant and watch him laugh and play all the way.

Photography Credits:

Photography: Kosol Onwudinjor
Location: The GoodBeach Lagos
Styling: Dahmola

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