Nollywood Stories Better Than Hollywood – Osuofia


Our movie stories better than Bollywood, Hollywoodโ€™ โ€“ Osuofia





Nollywood movie legend, Nkem Owoh, a.k.a Osuofia, on Thursday, described Nigerian moviesโ€™ stories as far better than that of their Bollywood and Hollywood counterparts.



Osuofia made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).


According to him, Nigerian movies present real life stories and happenings around them, adding that it is wrong to compare the quality of Nigerian films with those coming from the advanced countries.



He said that Nigerian film producers were only using technology imported from such advanced countries.


โ€œThe storyline we take is better than any story from any Woods, we donโ€™t have the technology, but we have the story.


โ€œWe are a third world country coming up, and people should give us kudos for the level we have attained.


โ€œI believe, with the stories and creativity among us, if we get the needed technology, we will go placesโ€.



The thespian stated that with the available technology in place, Nollywood had been to the next level of improvement.


Osuofia, who rated Nollywood high, said, โ€œIf you check the time and how we started, you give kudos because we are making a tremendous progress in the industry.


โ€œWith the kind of technology we have now, I believe Nollywood has a very far distance to go positivelyโ€.


He, however, called for patience among upcoming actors, saying they should follow their progress gradually.


โ€œIf it is not your calling, move away,โ€ Owoh said.




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