Angel Smith

“Of Blood Bones & Water,” a new podcast/talk show by Angel Smith, will premiere soon.

With her new platform, Angel Smith is taking on challenging subjects head-on.

The reality TV personality has said that the release of her first podcast/talk program, “Of Blood, Bones & Water,” is imminent.

Angel Smith

The program tries to explore the core issues surrounding today’s most divisive hot button issues. To discuss “things we’ve been taught to be ashamed of, life situations that have been too much,” she will host dialogues with regular people.

She posted the teaser video with the following caption on her social media:

This podcast @ofbloodbonesandwater has been a long time coming. I put my tears into this, my prayers, my happiness, my anxiety, my love and honestly it’s so surreal that I’m looking at my first personal project. I don’t know how I did it, I’ll say everyone in bfa, I’ll say the fans that kept praying, I’ll say everyone in clout Africa, I’ll say my mum, I’ll say God. So it’s with great pleasure I announce the birth of my podcast/ talk show; I can’t wait for you all to see my guests and I can’t wait to have the hard conversations with you all; I hope you enjoy seeing this side of me and I hope you all enjoy this podcast as much as I did. I’m thankful.
It’s your host Angel; of blood bones and water.