Feyikemi Abudu and by Jola Ayeye

Three Nigerian podcasts are among the 13 recipients of Spotify’s New Africa Podcast Fund.

3 Nigerian podcasts—”I Said What I Said,” hosted by Jola ‘Jollz‘ Ayeye and Feyikemi Abudu, “Tea with Tay” hosted by Taymesan, and “F&S Uncensored” by Feyikemi Akin-Bankole and Simi Badiru—are recipients of the new Spotify Africa Podcast Fund.

Since it first started on the African continent, the streaming platform has been working hard to help African storytellers and entertainers spread their success to the world. With this first-of-its-kind podcast initiative, Spotify will “support burgeoning podcasters and further amplify their stories, bolstering their careers through financial grants, workshops, and networking opportunities.”

Feyikemi Abudu and by Jola Ayeye

The $100,000 podcast fund was offered to creators from African countries with the biggest podcast listenerships, in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

The recipients are:




  • Sincerely Accra,” hosted by Joseph Nti and produced by Kwame Asante.


South Africa: